Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Stitching my way to 28 months

Yesterday, Gregg and I marked the 28th month of our wait since ICAB approval.  My post this month is a day late due to the holiday (Happy Fourth!!!) and some Internet issues.  Honestly, I don’t have anything left to say at this point regarding the wait.  It stinks.  It has for quite some time and I’m pretty sure it’s going to continue to stink until we see Little One’s face. 

Aside from that, last week I completed a special blanket – a “blankie,” if you will, for Little One.  This last project completed a set that I started with three latch hook pillows – Pooh, Tigger, and Eeyore.  The back of each of the pillows matches the blanket.  It is a soft, cuddly fleece material that is so nice to snuggle with.  I trimmed the blanket in a satin material to give some nice contrast and a different snuggling option. 

My Sweet Child,

One thing you will learn pretty quickly once you come home is that your mama cannot sew worth a lick.  Still, I wanted to make you something special while I waited for you, and the results are these pillows and this blanket. 

I want you to know that every stitch was placed with love.  I lost count of how many times I stuck my finger with the needle, but every time I did I sent you an extra kiss – wherever you are. 

Daddy helped with the pillows.  He did a few of the latch hook stitches on every one as his gift of love to you.

One of your kitties, Midnight, also put her love into the pillows and blanket, as she would sit with me whenever I worked on them and gave them her own special love.

Sweetheart, we’ve waited a long, long time for you.  We can’t wait to bring you home and give you all of the love we hold in our hearts for you, the love that even now is making us a family, stitch by stitch.

Waiting for you but loving you always,

Your Mama