Friday, August 31, 2012

Travel Plans and Tsunamis, Oh My!

Lots of news, but this will be a short post because I am just exhausted after the past three days.  Here's the breakdown:

Francis had his visa appointment on Tuesday.  We didn't hear a word until Thursday, and that was that the interview went well and we could book our flights for any time after the 15th.  I was not having it.  By leaving on the 15th, we would be with Francis one day after his birthday.  I had to get the extra day.  We had so been hoping to leave the 4th.

Yesterday we got clearance from ICAB to book our tickets the 12th or later.  I spent the better part of the afternoon with the travel agent working on flights.  We'll be leaving here on the 12th and coming back the 26th.  I will have my son in my arms for his birthday.

Today there was an earthquake about 100 miles south of where Francis is.  That triggered a tsunami warning for his area, and the better part of my day was spent in prayer and terror as we waited to hear something.  Thank God, there was no tsunami and he is OK.  

Twelve more days to takeoff!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Visa medical: Passed!

After anxiously waiting all week, yesterday brought the news that Francis passed his visa medical exam!  Yay!  Yahoo!  Yippee!  (Just a few of the things that were said on the phone when the news was revealed.)  His visa exit interview will be on Tuesday, due to a holiday (Hero’s Day) on Monday in the Philippines.  After that, we see if we have approval to book our travel dates.  I say again – Yay!  Yahoo!  Yippee!  We had a phone conference call with our agency yesterday to prepare us for travel, and it all finally seemed so very close and so very – right about time!  I have been so emotionally overwhelmed it’s been hard to stop myself from crying at the drop of a hat the past few days. 

Francis – it’s almost time!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Visa Appointments Scheduled!

After having things up in the air for a while, I was delighted to get the definite, his-plane-ticket-to-Manila-is-booked, for real dates for Francis’ medical and visa appointments today!

He and his escort will be flying into Manila this coming Sunday, the 19th, have his medical appointment on the 20th, and then the blood work will be processed the 22nd - 24th.  (The 21st is a holiday in the Philippines this year.)  They expect to have the medical results back on the 24th.  Monday the 27th is another holiday in the Philippines, so his visa appointment won't take place until Tuesday the 28th. 

We’re praying all goes well with his appointments and we can head out very soon after his visa appointment is completed.  We are SO ready to go!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Wishes for You, for Your Country, and for Our Family

One year ago today, I concluded a blog post with these words:

That my child-to-be is happy, healthy, safe, and loved, wherever s/he is, and that his or her heart might be ready and willing to accept parents who will love and cherish him or her forever.

That is what I’m wishing for today.  

One year later, I know it is Francis we are waiting for.  I know he is healthy and safe and loved.  I know where he is and I know he has loving caregivers preparing him to be part of a family.  I know that on July 19 he told our agency’s liaison in Manila that he is “happy and excited” to meet his mommy and daddy.  This in and of itself is the best birthday gift I could possibly ask for today.

Ironically, we were given a picture of Francis that was taken the day another family from our agency went to his RSCC to bring home their child, taken one year ago today.  The irony of the situation is that the very day that I wished happiness for my child, wherever he was, he looked absolutely – well – miserable!  You can feel his sadness looking at this picture, as he could not understand why every time a family came for a child they never came for him.  Francis, we love you and we are coming soon.  My wish for you again this year is for your happiness, and that you will share the beautiful smile we have come to love so much with those around you today. 

At the same time, my heart has been breaking over this week’s flooding in Manila.  This tragic loss of life and mass destruction tears at my heart.  My wish for the people of the Philippines is for an end to this devastation and a quick reconstruction.  Our prayers are with them.

A visa appointment had been requested for Francis prior to the flooding, and I received word on Wednesday morning that his medical appointment was to be on Monday, August 13, with the visa appointment presumably on Wednesday the 15th.  He was to be in Manila for five days.  Yesterday morning, however, I received word that the appointments were going to be pushed back to “the 20th and onward.”  My wish for our family is that the appointments will remain fixed at the week of the 20th and we will be able to travel soon afterward.  Prayers in this regard would be welcomed.